The Herald of Jehovah's Kingdom
The Herald of Jehovah's Kingdom
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.
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Theocratic School

People have tried and some of them have praised the truth throughout human history. But how we could define the God's truth revealed through Jesus Christ?
A journey in 33 D.C. On the evening of 14 Nisan. We can hear Jesus' words about Eternal Life.
The Bible is and will remain a guide for steps toward life.
Does God love word with his works or He shows them the patience to love all people because everyone who wants life from Him, can find it?
This theme, which addresses a topic of general interest, is intended to elucidate the origin of the word Gehenna, with an obvious reference to biblical history and real meaning of using it.
The History is repeated. If some people have protested against the worship to sacred objects considered holly by others and for this spoken truth they were declared heretics by the Catholic Church, however the history is repeated and the adoration of relics still practice.
Adoration and worship of relics have pagan origins.
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