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The Drama of a Steady Man
    The record regarding Job is not just a little part of a dead, ancient history; it is a true history presenting the life of a character, not allegorical, nor from stories, but only too real. Because apostle Paul does not mention the name of Job at chapter 11 from the book Hebrews, where he is talking about the facts of the faithfull men of old, this not means that Job didn’t exist. He wasn’t an Israelite an for this reason, his name wasn’t mentioned in the description of that „cloud of witnesses” which, „through faith... wrought righteousness, obtained promises…from weakness became strong.”
    The name „Job” means „hated”; „harrased”; „persecuted” and the reason for he suffered such kind of hate and persecution, can be described like this: „... that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and turned away from evil.” Job was’n perfect in his body and mind, because he was also born in sin and iniquity, as well as the other descendants of Adam, and death was upon the entire mankind because all men have sinned. But Job have tried hard to reach perfection in his devotion for Jehovah and his Theocracy. Even if Job held a great position in Uz country, he didn’t desire to become a king there. He gave the proper respect to the „The Highest Powers”, Jehovah and his promised Seed.
    When that painfull test came with lighting speed upon the innocent Job, he was about 70 years old. Biblia does not tell us how old was Job at that time, but obviously he wasn’t young, but this make more remarkable the fact that Job lived 140 years after the test. In this prophetic picture, Job, as a father of ten children, especially represents Jesus, Who gives lives to all those who hold their integrity on the earth up to the end of Armageddon. The feasts of Job’s children ilustrate feasts of promises and plentiful trueth and service provisions relating to the great purpose of Jehovah thorugh the Theocracy. Job was faithfull as father and priest, educating his family in fear of Jehovah God.
    In that day when sons of God presented themselves before the Great Theocrat, the religious rebel Satan stepped into the picture in an arrogantly way, not because he felt any kind of responsibility to present a report towards Jehovah God, but because he had a dispute with Him. Satan, the Devile, who was once a „covering cherub”, wanted to show Jehovah God that He couldn’t keep control of his servants, He wasn’t an Universal Leader, He couldn’t mantain His universal government and that He wasn’t The Supreme One, but He could be vincible in His purpose and, furthermore, the God’s Word was proved to be trustless and truthless. Satan was there to challenge God and to denigrate Him in front of these heavenly „sons of God”. Did God hang back in this question? Of course, not! The purpose of Satan’s walking over the earth wasn’t to overlook, reestablish or mantain there the universal reign of Jehovah, but to block and abolish it, if this could have been posible.
    But, what did God mean when He said that „there was none like Job in the earth”? Let’s keep an eye on the historical frame! At that time, the israelites were in Egypt and they where fully spotted with religion and daemonic practices. Neither of them was like Job, regarding the devotion towards Jehovah; for the cause of God, there was nobody like him in the earth. Considerring that Moses didn’t receive yet the ten commandments and the other laws of the Covenant concluded with Israel, Job had indeed a high standard of righteousness, which was obviously from Jehovah. It was not the so-called “character build-up”, which means self-idolatry or worshiping creatures, but steady devotion towards the Theocracy.
    The reply of the insidious prince of deamons, which came without delay, malicious suggested that no creature loves God for what He is, the greatest standard of righteousness, but because God is bribing his creatures to make them serve Him and to keep them subdued under his universal reign. According to what Devil said, Job was serving God and fear Him for the selfish advantages he had from doing this and not because of the pure love of the righteousness, as it was arising from God himself. Is the devotion for God’s righteousness so weak in the whole Universe as to be overturned by the selfishness?
    The Devil’s controversial question pretended that in God’s universal reign a weakness occured and therefore, the Devil could overthrow such a reign. Satan’s question, as it was asked, aimed at the most faithfull creation of God, His own Chief Executive, His only begotten Son, His first creature. Satan thought in this manner: when Creator’s beloved Son was the only creation and He was alone with God, it was easy for Him to be loyal, obedient and faithfull to God, but, when subject to a difficult and unfriendly situation, in that place where Satan is the sovereign, namely on earth, and let to suffer looses, will surely „bless” God, which means He will give up on God.
    God’s love was so real and His trust perfect regarding both Job and Jesus, as He reached the edge of demonstrating his part in the controversy, in order to put to silence all doubts, forever. Satan just said that „all Job have had” was blessed, multiplied and protected. So, the test must as regards to these possesions be applied first. God agreed with Satan’s challenge. He accepted Job to be impoverished, fortuneless, childless, except his body, his flesh, not to be hit by Satan’s harmful power. In like manner, the first test upon Jesus was to be impoverished, so poor as on earth He was born in a stabling, and later He hasn’t a place where to lay His head.
    Having God’s permission to bring the test, Satan left the angels assembly which were presenting themselves before God. He went to his own daemonic organisation. Sure enough he hold counsel with the other daemonic princes for which way to choose against Job in order to turn him from his faith in the Rightful Govern of God. After this scene, satanic adversities occur at once: the oxen, the donkeys, the camels and the multiple servants of Job are all destroyed; a hurricane hit the house where Job’s sons where gathered for lunch and kill them all. But, Job’s integrity remains unshaken.
    Who where those ravager Sabeans? They where unseen powers of Satan’s world, daemonic worshipers and controlled by daemons. The Devil left only one servant to escape from the Sabeans, just the news to arrive to Job as real facts, in order to torture and humiliate him. What a clever camouflage made the great charger, to turn things in a way that God seems to be responsible for all adversities brought upon mankind and especially upon Jehovah’s servants! The Sabeans were simply selfish people, but the lightning was something beyond humans control and it came from heaven. Therefore God could easily and blindly be accused for the responsibility of these things!
    The devastating storm came obviously from East; again, this was something beyond human control and that misinformed people could call it as an „act” or „punishment from God”.
    The humble act of Job towards Jehovah, showed by rending his clothes and by sprinkling ashes on his head, brought Satan the Devil a sharp defeat in his ambition to turn Job from Jehovah God, through material and human loses.”Blessed be the name of Jehovah!” said Job, now poor and childless. He refused to bring any kind of dishonour upon Jehovah’s name. In a similar way as Job, Jesus Christ, in that hour when He was left alone, in pain and suffering, He blessed Jehovah’s name. Therefore, Job didn’t sin, nor foolishly accused God. Job didn’t clearly see the question concearned in, nor understood it. However, he held fast to his integrity. Ignorance before Jehovah’s proper time to give knowledge isn’t an excuse for turning against God and to fail in our integrity towards Him.
    For the second time, the biblical scene leads us in the heavenly courts, where, this time, Satan’s desire is to touch Job’s flesh. Jehovah faces the defiance and Satan uses his power to bring upon Job an ulcerous disease, the so-called „elephantiasis” or in other words the worst kind of leprosy.How evil! To choose a disease considerred as a punishment from God! Satan throws a painfull arrow against Job, through Job’s wife, which uses the word „integrity” in a sarcastic way, just to rouse Job to revolt against God. Actually, Job’s wife wanted to say: „Being in such suferring are you still serving God, who allows this dreadful adversity or even send it upon you?” Job loved Jehovah God more than his unfaithfull wife, and then he didn’t rouse to revolt against to what seemed to be „an act of God”.
    Those who where pretenting to be Job’s friends, came with a sad piously face, for mocking Job. They started to condemn Job’s behaviour from the past as being the real reason for his present adversity. Therefore, these affirmed that was wrong for him to stay on this way, expecting this was the integrity way. They tried hard to make Job to condemn his old way of service for Jehovah God, that way he followed because of his faith in the promise of God’s covenant and they tried to turn him on their way of religion. They didn’t tell any word about Jehovah God and the fulfillment of his promise regarding the Teocracy at the proper time. Any word to show up the Devil’s actions, the dangers and the power of daemons! Such a word would have been a comfort and a invigoration in good time, a balm for his suffering and a spring of hope. But no! Those „three friends” have to make a lot of public ceremonies, to lose an entire week with religious formality, just to save appearances, to make a show and to acquire public applauses.
    Job shut the mouth of his three false friends which ilustrate very well the politic, religious and commercial elements, by saying: „I will defend my integrity by my last breath!” After that, Elijah, a young man which has stayed near them and listened all pro and cons arguments, started to speak by rectify Job, which was to preocupied to justify the creature instead of the Creator. Elijah has seen the necessity of justifying Jehovah. Whereupon the mighty Jehovah God himself gloriously talked in the middle of the storm, clarifying the reason for which Job was so hard tested and persecuted by Satan the Devil. Job understood the weakness of humans before the Devile’s organisation without the strong help from God. Moreover, Job understood why God has the supreme right to take actions upon creatures, in the way He desire, and he admitted his mistake of his own arguments, he repented and humiliated before his Creator.
    Where is your place in this question of integrity? By your way of action, you agree with Satan’s assertion or are you for the holy cause of Jehovah? A lot of people are seeking for Jehovah’s approval by having a faithful behavior, as Job’s, trying hard to reject all their enemy’s offers. Hence, through their way of action in such circumstances, these faithful which unselfish serve Jehovah, prove rebellious Satan as “a liar and the father thereof” and totally unable to be the an universal ruler as the Almighty God.
    This fragment and story of Job reveals who is behind all these bad things that came upon mankind and which are increasing from the First World War. The reason for why God permits anxiety to flourish from Satan’s rebellion, becomes very simple. By overwhelming people with problems and sufferings, the Devil wants, as Job’s case was, to fill them with bitterness, even those with right heart and which are fearing God, and to rouse them to revolt against their Creator and the Great Sovereign.
    All these being said, we are reaching the conclusion that, the book about Job’s life is more than a real story, indeed; it records a big prophetic drama, relieving the supreme controversy in front of the entire creation, namely THE UNIVERSAL GOVERNING. Moreover, the faithful Job is a powerful example of integrity, humble and love for us and all that want to obtain Jehovah’s approval.