The Herald of Jehovah's Kingdom
The Herald of Jehovah's Kingdom
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.
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Commemorating the death of Jesus Christ
    With the occasion of 14 Nissan, according to the Hebrew calendar, also in this year 2011, on April 17, following the solar calendar, Jehovah’s people all over the world fulfilled our beloved Redeemer’s desire: ”Do this in remembrance of me”. This is the most important day in the life of those who call Jehovah’s name, it is the only holiday celebrated by these ones in accordance with The Holy Scriptures, once a year.
    It is a day of joy for this happy people, a joy that springs from the hope which Jehovah God has given us through His Word. This hope is closely linked to the establishing of the The New World`s foundation, the establishing of a right Kingdom which will erase from existence this bad system of things.
    The establishing of this foundation for God’s Kingdom occured in 33 A.D., with the death of our Redeemer. Before His death, when He was with His disciples at the celebration of the last Passover held according to the law’s covenant, Jesus had to teach His disciples about His Father’s purpose and through them, to teach all the others with the same precious faith, which will come.
    Therefore, when Jesus uttered the words: ”Do this in remembrance of me”, not by any manner of means He advised His disciples to cast away the remembrance of His Father, Jehovah. The Passover, held according to the law’s covenant, was a remembrance of Jehovah God, in this way being celebrated the act of His vindication upon Egypt. Lord Jesus has never despised the day that Jehovah had chosen as a remembrance of Him, but as a Jew who has fully observed God’s law, has celebrated it every year. Along with the coming of the true ”Lamb which was to raise the sin of the world”, the celebrating of Passover came to an end, but the remembrance of the day in Jehovah’s honor was not finished, but continued through the establishing of the Remembrance Supper.